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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Program

A doctor-supervised weight loss management program where individuals have the potential to lose up to 1 pound a day. This specialized weight loss management program is for on individuals who want to lose fat rapidly and safely.

Patient’s will consult with Dr. Morack as needed for follow up and questions.

Each personalized weight loss program is developed by Dr. Morack dependent on what the patient needs, to ensure success.  Program may include:

  • thyroid support
  • hormone crèmes
  • meal replacement shakes
  • mineral support
  • a full body detoxification product
  • homeopathics for increasing metabolism and appetite suppression

For optimal success, the patient is advised to follow Dr. Morack’s recommendations, which include:

  1. light to moderate exercise
  2. dietary options from list of recommended foods
  3. whole food supplements

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